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Wednesday, 10 February 2010
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The Purpose Of Free Business Cards And How To Distribute Them

A really long time ago people conducted business using the old fashioned system of barter trading. And with time the money system was introduced and a lot of people started selling their products for a monetary value. But regardless of these transitions nothing was really done to promote people's products. But nowadays businesses are advertised everywhere, on television; radio and newspapers. Another method though is the free business cards and it has hit the world by storm.

Free business cards are designed in order to promote businesses. The reason why they're free is that they are meant to reach a wide target audience. When things of this nature are given out for free they have a bigger impact than when they are sold. And besides, it is totally unethical to sell promotional material to potential buyers who you still want to be your clients in the future.

Another reason why these cards are made and distributed is because the owners of the business will be trying to make people know a few things about their business. This information basically includes: the location of the company; the different products on offer and the contact telephone numbers when intending to conduct business.

It does not quite help to advertise a company in the classifieds section where people hardly look for new businesses. Even though the classifieds work they do not have as great an impact as business cards. And the more cards you make the more the people who will be aware of what you do.

Because they're small and easy to distribute they are far cheaper to make and use. Posters cost heaps of money and sometimes people rip them off unnecessarily. But a business card is distributed by the owner with no labor costs and there is no way they are going to be wasted since such a businessman will distribute them to potential customers he/she meets on a daily basis.

When distributing company cards you must really be strategic. You must make sure that you distribute them to people you believe will one day be of value to your business. If ever you come across someone you have a decent business conversation with this is the person you should give them to.

Something else you must remember to do is to visit businesses of a similar nature as yours. Chances are that such businesses might have an interest in what you do more than any layman out there who appears to have a genuine interest in what you are doing. The business district is the place to visit as this will be a big breakthrough if you can distribute them to a lot of companies.

Something else you can also try out is hand out the cards at intersections. A lot of the morning traffic at traffic light intersections is working class traffic. Such people ought to be targeted as they are good potential clients for your business. The other thing is that a person who has just woken up to go to work might have decided to buy something you're selling the night before.

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